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The Ongoing Relevance of Audacity Fundamentals

February 10, 2023 Mike Adams Season 1 Episode 11
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The Ongoing Relevance of Audacity Fundamentals
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[S1, Ep11] In this episode I want to talk about the importance of knowing Audacity fundamentals. Even though we now have the ability to use realtime non-destructive tools in Audacity, knowing the fundamentals and how to get around in Audacity, as well as knowing when and how to use some of the pre-packaged effects remains relevant. This is why I still teach the fundamentals in my online Audacity courses, in addition to the more recent, realtime capabilities. I'm a fan of both!

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Podcast Intro
The Importance of Knowing Audacity Fundamentals
Navigating the User Interface
Audacity's Project File Structure
Waveform Views and Track Settings
Auto-Fitting Your Project in Your Screen
Manipulating Tracks and Audio Segments
Sync-Lock Tracks and the Label Track
The Zero Crossing Tool
Track Automation
Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros
Realtime, Stackable Effects
Do You Use Realtime Effects, and Where is The Audacity Manual?
Wrap-up and iZotope's 50% Off Sale