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Microphone Types and Their Characteristics (S2, E2)

March 08, 2023 Mike Adams
The Audacity Channel
Microphone Types and Their Characteristics (S2, E2)
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In this episode we continue the theme of Season 2, the ingredients for good audio, with a look at microphone types. The microphone we select will contribute significantly to the quality of audio in our initial recording. Choosing a mic that compliments our room is imperative. Choosing the wrong microphone for the room we're in can result in the majority of our post-production time being spent trying to fix bad audio instead of making good audio, better.

Here are some microphones to consider. Full discloser, these are affiliate links. That means that while the price is the same, I earn a little bit (very little) from each purchase using these links.

Condenser Mics

Dynamic Mics

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Microphone Pickup Patterns
USB and XLR Connections Options
Condenser Microphones
Dynamic Microphones
Frequency Response Sheets
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