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Editing Multi-Track Projects in Audacity (S2, E7)

April 12, 2023 Mike Adams Season 2 Episode 7
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Editing Multi-Track Projects in Audacity (S2, E7)
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Let's talk about recording and editing in multi-track as opposed to single track where everyone in the show is recording on the same track and possibly even the intro and outro music. I've been doing multi-track recording and editing for years now. But when I began doing podcasts, I recorded everything onto one track. That's a challenge because if you have more than one person on your podcast, what works for EQ and other tonal adjustments for one of them, probably won't work as well for the other. In addition, if the person not speaking makes a sound while the other person's talking it's going to be hard, if not impossible to delete that piece of audio. Multi-track makes post-production so much easier.

Here's a look at where we've been and where we're going in this season of The Audacity Channel podcast:

  • Episode 1: Recording Room Preparation
  • Episode 2: Microphone Types
  • Episode 3: Microphone Placement
  • Episode 4: Microphone Technique
  • Episode 5: My Recording Hardware Chain
  • Episode 6: Audio Quality: Hitting the Mark with Sample Rate, Bit Depth, and Bit Rate (This Episode)
  • Episode 7: Editing Multi-Track Projects in Audacity (This Episode)
  • Episode 8: Adding Realtime Effects in Audacity
  • Episode 9: How To Set The Correct LUFS Level
  • Episode 10: Exporting Our Audacity Project as an MP3

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Some Advantages of Multi-Track Recording
Why I Record In Multi-Track
Using Sync-Lock Tracks in Multi-Track Editing
Using The Label Track to Group and Separate Synched Tracks
Multi-Track Recorders and Interfaces
Additional Perks of Multi-Track Recording