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Setting the Correct LUFS Level For Your Podcast (S2, E10)

May 03, 2023 Mike Adams Season 2 Episode 10
The Audacity Channel
Setting the Correct LUFS Level For Your Podcast (S2, E10)
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Setting the correct loudness level (LUFS) for your podcast is an important step in post-production that shouldn't be overlooked. Leveling your audio helps ensure consistent loudness from beginning to end and gives the listener a better listening experience because they don't have to constantly adjust the volume of your podcast as it plays. Doing loudness leveling minimizes the loudness fluctuations that can otherwise occur, things like audio trailing off at the end of a sentence or loudness differences between multiple hosts or guests.

The LUFS level for a stereo podcast is -16dB LUFS. For a mono podcast, it's -19dB LUFS. In this episode I suggest a few different tools that are available to help you hit your LUFS target level for the kind of podcast you're doing, either stereo or mono.

Resources for LUFS leveling I mention in this podcast:
In addition to Audacity's built-in loudness leveler, I talk about...

  • Waves WLM Plus Loudness Meter - 
  • The Auphonic website and desktop leveler - 

Here's a look at where we've been and where we're going in this season of The Audacity Channel podcast:

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  • Episode 10: Setting The Correct LUFS Level For Your Podcast (This Episode)
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Compression and LUFS Leveling
Tools for Setting LUFS Levels
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