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Exporting Your Audacity Project As An MP3 (S2, E11)

May 10, 2023 Mike Adams Season 2 Episode 11
The Audacity Channel
Exporting Your Audacity Project As An MP3 (S2, E11)
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In this final episode of Season 2, I talk about exporting your project as an MP3 file and some of the things that are easy to overlook in Audacity when exporting. I also mention a couple of things related to ACX audiobook requirements to keep in mind if you're exporting your project as an audiobook chapter or chapters. Don't forget I teach in-depth Audacity training courses at the Audacity Bootcamp. You'll find me there by visiting

I'll see you in Season 3, beginning May 24th.

Here's a look at where we've been in this season of The Audacity Channel podcast:

  • Episode 1: Recording Room Preparation
  • Episode 2: Microphone Types
  • Episode 3: Microphone Placement
  • Episode 4: Microphone Technique
  • Episode 5: My Recording Hardware Chain
  • Episode 6: Audio Quality: Hitting the Mark with Sample Rate, Bit Depth, and Bit Rate
  • Episode 7: Editing Multi-Track Projects in Audacity
  • Episode 8: Adding Realtime Effects in Audacity
  • Episode 9: Bonus Episode - Audacity 3.3.0 Released
  • Episode 10: Setting The Correct LUFS Level For Your Podcast
  • Episode 11: Exporting Our Audacity Project as an MP3 (This Episode)

Other Places You'll Find Me:

  1. The Audacity Bootcamp online school for podcasters and ACX audiobook narrators. The school consists of the following online courses:
  2. The Learn Audacity YouTube Channel
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Track Control Panel Settings
The Export Dialog Box
Naming Your MP3
Bit Rate Mode and ACX Requirements
Setting the Bit Rate and ACX Requirements
Mono or Stereo? And ACX Requirements
My Export Process
Season Two Wrap-Up and the Audacity Bootcamp